Frequently Asked Questions

Is it realy free? Any rules here? Calls any telephone?
Conference Calls? Works on Macintosh? What about Privacy?
Suitable for Children? Where is buddy list? Chat list vs CQP number?
Do I need a web cam? Future plans? What's new?
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Is CQPhone really free?
Yes. CQPhone is completely free for personal use. There is no spyware and no advertising. It does not connect to the public telephone system, so there will be no charges on your telephone bill. All those telephone sounds are just sound effects. If you wish to use CQPhone for commercial or business use, please contact douglas@cqphone.com
Are there any rules here?
Yes. Please do not post advertising, links, slogans, opinions or obscenities into the public chat lists. Never post any CQPhone number (not even your own) into the public chat lists. Be nice. Please do not annoy or harass other people. If someone does not answer your call, don't keep repeatedly calling her. People who break these rules may be permanently banned from accessing the server. If someone is breaking these rules, please report them to abuse@cqphone.com
Can I make calls to any telephone?
No. CQPhone does not connect to the public telephone system. It is used for computer-to-computer internet calls between users of CQPhone.
Conference calls: Can several people chat at once?
No. CQPhone is designed for one-to-one chat.
Does CQPhone work on a Macintosh?
No. CQPhone requires any version of Windows.
What about privacy?
CQPhone uses a direct peer-to-peer connection between the two computers engaged in a conversation. The voice, video and typing are not saved anywhere. Incoming picture files are saved to C:\Program Files\CQPhone\pictures\. When you delete pictures, remember to also empty your recycle bin. Whenever CQPhone is running, your IP address is updated onto the central server a few times per hour. Tiny pings are sent out 3 times a minute to assist in firewall transversal. These pings are not received anywhere. The CQPhone server ensures your current IP address is available for the internal workings of the program. Your IP address is never shown to the public. Your CQPhone number is never disclosed to people you meet using the public chat list.
Is CQPhone suitable for children?
No. Children should not use CQPhone except under adult supervision. There is a risk on meeting weird people in the public chat lists. Always be careful about giving personal information to strangers.
Where is the buddy list?
There is no a buddy list. The public chat lists are designed for meeting strangers. These lists show people who currently have that list open and are willing to chat with strangers. If you wish to chat only with your buddies, give them your CQPhone number so they can call you without using the public chat list. Add your buddies to your Redial List. Future versions of CQPhone may contain a true "buddy list".
What is the difference between using the chat list and calling a CQPhone number?
Your CQPhone number is a private, permanent number assigned to your computer. Do not give this number to strangers because they will always be able to call you. The public chat list is designed for the purpose of meeting strangers. When chats are started from the chat list, the CQPhone number is not shown to either party. You may choose any nickname whenever you enter a public chat list. When you close the chat list, all calls from the chat list are immediately blocked. When your chat list is closed, the only people who may call you are those who know your CQP number.
Do I need a web cam?
The use of web cam is optional. If you don't have a web cam (or don't want to use it) you can still view your partner's web cam.
Future plans for CQPhone?
We have many ideas for new features and improvments. For example:
What's new in recent versions?
Version 2.4 - released April 12, 2005 Version 2.3 - released March 11, 2005 Version 2.2 - released February 4, 2005 Version 2.0 - released January 27, 2005